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Practical Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Meet Elizabeth

Adv. dip appl. Sc. Naturopathy, Advanced Bowen Therapy, Fellow ATMS and EPA member.


Elizabeth is a well established Naturopath with over 26 years of experience in private practise working in many places across Australia, The United Kingdom, India and most recently back in Perth, Western Australia.


Naturopathy with Elizabeth is like having a honest and open communication with a trusted advocate in which you will feel deeply heard and are given the opportunity to take stock of your health and vitality, discern where changes, adjustments or support is required that will allow a deeper connection, vitality and flow back into life.  


Understanding the body and how we are living our daily lives enables us to adjust our daily rhythms with the happenings of life in order to remain steady and have a solid foundation on which to build upon, expand and grow.


Elizabeth combines her expertise in Herbal Medicine, Massage Therapy, Flower Essences, Sacred Esoteric Healing and Chakrapuncture with her deep understanding of the body to bring greater insight into what the body is communicating and therefore what is the most supportive health plan that is needed for you. No symptom or condition is the same for any person and Elizabeth’s ability to understand ones individual situation in great detail gives her the insight into what you specifically need to heal. 


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Meet Amelia

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with


A cornerstone of Naturopathic treatment and understanding we can help you to address many digestion issues.


Fatigue and exhaustion are a modern day epidemic, we can help you to support your body in the face of lifes' everyday challenges.


Using tried and tested treatments and programmes we can help to support your body through the detoxification process.

Women's Health

Womens' health is a  subject and speciality that is close to our heart and one that is front and centre for us as a society and a world population.

Weight Loss

We have programmes available for simple and effective weight loss. Please talk to us for details.


Stress is a part of life in the 21st century, you can learn new ways to deal with and overcome stress in any situation.

Why Naturopathy


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Follow Up
Personalised Health Programs


Elizabeth Trenear is an outstanding Natural Therapy practitioner, who's professionalism, integrity and loving heart is like no other. 


I have been privileged to be a patient of Elizabeth's  for over 20 years. Her commitment to both professional & self development is extraordinary and I have benefited  many times from her deep wisdom and experienced practise. 

In  a time where modern Naturopathy is becoming less than wholistic in it's approach, it is indeed a relief to know that there are still practitioner's such as Elizabeth Trenear, who is committed to wholistic wellbeing in the very truest way. 

From my heart, thank you Elizabeth for all that you are and all that you offer.

- Charlotte Bonnett                                           



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